Apr 26, 2012

4 year old Hippo Birthday

You may recall that G recently turned 4.  For his 4th birthday he chose to have a Hippo themed party.  He was set on this theme and I was not going to change his mind regardless of how many different tactic I tried!  For the record, I only tried to change his mind because I thought it would be rather challenging trying to find items for a Hippo party.  I was, however, WRONG . . . there I admitted it.

Invitations and Thank you notes:

The outside

The inside

I put a wallet size picture of G from the party on the outside of the thank you note.  The note was written on the back.

Email me at uniquelyerinnicole@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing invitations or thank you notes.

Utensil holders:
I removed wrappers from cans of fruit and washed them out.  I then wrapped covers around the cans that had hippos stamped on them along with the hippos I made for the invitations.  The covers can be removed and the cans can be recovered for another party.



First we made binoculars to use on a hippo hunt.  We glued 2 toilet paper tubes together and wrapped card stock around the outside of them.  2 holes were punched to attach yarn.  The kids decorated them with stickers.

Hippo Hunt Song:

After making the binoculars we put them on and sat down for a song.  I googled 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' and found a YouTube video with song.  We sang the song and did the movement with the song.  We said hippo hunt rather than bear hunt in the appropriate places.

The Hippo Hunt:

We followed clues in search of a hippo.  The clues lead us to several different areas both inside and outside.  The hippo was hiding in some grass!

Showing the hippo some love

Hippo Toss Game:

I used a poster board to create this hippo.  My husband used wood to make the stand to attach the poster board to.  It can be removed so we can create a new poster to use with future parties.


I was so surprised when I was able to find these hippo plates and napkins!

Party Favor Bags:

I stamped 'Thanks' on the outside of a white paper bag along with a stamp of a hippo.  I took G to the dollar store to pick out some goodies for his friends.


  1. What a fun hippo party. Definitely had to think out of the box for this one.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it was a bit tricky to come up with ideas for this one. Thinking outside of the box is a perfect way to put it. G is my outside of the box kid!

  2. You are SO creative! I love that he wanted a hippo party. He A) sound like he's awesome and B) is guaranteed to be creative like his mama, right?! Great job pulling it off beautifully!

    1. Thank you! I love making their parties more personal by making things for the party. He is awesome, but can be very trying at times . . . He asserts himself more than B ever does/did.

      Yes, he is creative. He's more of the 'Performing Arts' kind of creative rather than visual arts! We never know what he's going to say or do. He really keeps us on our toes! If he thinks it he says it, if you know what I mean.

  3. These invites are GORGEOUS. You are so talented! I was a bit surprised not to see a "Hungry Hungry Hippos" tournament as part of the festivities. Maybe I am dating myself here?

    1. Oh thank you so much!!! I love making them for my boys :)
      I wasn’t sure how to go about a Hungry, Hungry Hippo tournament. Or maybe more accurately, I really wasn’t up for the constant noise of the game  We did get him the game for his birthday. I used the box from the game to draw the Hippo on the hippo toss game.