Apr 5, 2012

Our trip to the moon

Before going to bed last night I asked (made the mistake of asking actually) B and G what they would like to do tomorrow. B said, "Well we went to the beach today. Let's go to the moon tomorrow!"

In my head I was thinking . . . how am I going to pull this one off?! Well after I thought for a few minutes (more like HOURS!) I came up with a few ideas . . .

B and G made stars to tape on the walls of our playroom (which became our moon).

They put on spacesuits (snow pants, coats, bike helmets, and sunglasses).

Boarding the rocket ship (wheelbarrow layered with pillows).

Traveling through outter space (our foyer, kitchen, and dining room form a great 'circle' for the rocket to ride through). Thankgoodness Daddy was home to help drive!

We landed on the moon (pillows covered with a sheet). Time to collect moon rocks (some decorative rocks I had already).

Jumping on the moon!

Watch out for meteors (soft balls)! Daddy loved throwing these at the boys!

Back to Earth!