Apr 2, 2012

He got a HIT and I missed it!

Practicing Throwing

My 6 year old son, B is playing Little League for the first time this season.  I am quickly learning there are some major differences between The Y(where he previously played) and the township Little League. 

For example,  last summer all of the kids on his team had no prior experience.  This year the kids appear to have had a lot more experience than B has had.  The fields look like actual baseball diamonds rather than simply a field with lines painted on it.  The best part (in B's mind that is) is there are actual dugouts for the kids to sit in!

Listening to Daddy's directions

Before the season began Brent took B to the batting cages to practice swinging and batting a few times.  It is so sweet to watch and hear Brent's excitement about B playing Little League.  He has even volunteered to help coach the team.

Waiting for his turn

Official game have not yet begun.  At this point B has practice 2 times a week.  There are a few times that I have not been able to attend practice.  When Brent and B return from practice Brent shares his worries about B's skill level as compared to the others on his team.  We've both been a little worried.

Throwing in the outfield

As parents our goal for B regarding,  Little League, is to simply enjoy himself and have fun.  We want him to learn to play with a team and to be a good sport.  Our concern regarding his skills, or lack there of, is that B will become discouraged and notice that he needs to work a little more than the others on his team.  We fear that his frustration will eventually cause him to want to give up on baseball.

Today at practice they worked on many skills from catching, to throwing, and finally batting.  For the first time today B hit the ball on the first pitch!  It was so amazing to see his little face beaming . . .  and I missed capturing the moment with my camera (BOOO).   I think he's going to be alright!

First time with the catchers gear

What sports do your kids play?


  1. Congrats to him for hitting the ball. Hopefully that will help him not give up on playing.

    1. Thanks :) Yes, Hopefully he will not give up. Today he was acting like he was the big man in the house when he was showing his little brother how to hit . . . it was so cute!