Apr 4, 2012

Beach Day

This was us last spring break, at the most magical place on Earth! As much as we would have LOVED going to Disney World again, it just wasn't possible. So we improvised and created our own day at the beach.

B and G are making their tickets for the air plane ride.

B and G changed into the beach attire that Mommy picked out and prepared to board the air plane with their tickets.

Getting settled and buckling their seat belts before the take off.

The in flight movie complete with peanuts to snack on and a drink.

It's good thing they were wearing their swimming trunks because the plane brought them to the ocean! The ocean was green and fish and crabs were swimming in it.

Baby M woke up during the ocean play. Mommy had to feed her and then dressed her for the beach as well.

Time to play in the sand!

I found these bad boys on sale at Target! I just love sales :)

Finished products

Counting (Hey look at that we squeezed a little math into our day! Couldn't help it, it's the teacher in me) their loot after the seashell hunt (We didn't have shells so we used plastic eggs. (Whatever works, right? Bottom line, they had fun).

Now for a little seaside reading (We had some math practice we mustn't forget about reading.).

Nothing is better than eating lunch on the beach. Mylonni is patiently waiting for B and G to share with her.

Baby M enjoys a little 'water' play while the boys finish their lunch.

Time to head back home on the air plane. G is sad about having to leave.

While the kids had fun and played at the beach, Mommy put the SHARKS to work!

What fun family activities do you have planned for spring break?


  1. What a stinkin' cute idea! My girls would LOVE doing something like this. Oh, and my favorite part...definitely the colored watered. What a fabulous idea! What did you use? I was thinking maybe food coloring but thought that might stain? Would love to know what you did!

  2. Thank you so much Elizabeth! I'm glad you liked it and hope your girls do also :) I was worried about the coloring staining the tub too. I used icing coloring, because that's what I had. If you're not familiar with it, it's like a gel substance. Anyway, I put some water into a bowl and added the coloring to the water first. Then I stirred it all up before pouring it in to the bath tub that was already filled with water. I am happy to report that it did not stain the tub! I do think there are colored tabs that you can purchase specifically to color bath water. I'm sorry I don't know where. I only know my kids have won them as prizes at Chuck E. Cheese.