Coupon Adventures

I have read about couponing and wanted to try it, but I feared it would be too time consuming.  While I was home on maternity leave I was able to give it a try.  Now, I am not going to claim to be this super awesome couponer who saves thousands of dollars each week.  I have established a routine and I have saved some money, would I like to save more . . . UM YES!  I'm not sure I have the time, knowledge or patience for that at this time.  Read about weekly trial and errors with couponing. 



















  1. it seems i'm a week or two behind you in this couponing thing. harold and i gave ourselves the green light to start stockpiling this week :) anyway, it's really cool to read a blog on this written by a beginner that happens to be my friend! anyway, i'm thinking about starting a spreadsheet to keep with me that has the best regular price for frequently used items with the store listed next to them.

  2. Thanks!!! You're so funny :) You'll have to let me know what you find that works for you. I like the idea of keeping a list of regular prices. I have such a hard time remembering them! Brent and I are constantly asking eachother how much items are.