Apr 5, 2012

Is a psychiatric evaluation needed?

So here's the deal . . . sometime last week we received a gun and knife magazine in the mail.  We're not quite sure how or why it came to us because we're not the gun and knife type, but for whatever reason it arrived in our mailbox.

Well unannounced to us our 6 year old, B, took it with to keep himself occupied while he used the potty one day.  He also brought a marker along to circle the necessary supplies.

Now you may be asking your self, as my husband and I did, what necessary supplies, does a 6 year old need from a gun and knife magazine?

Well have I got the answer for you . . . please be sure to sit yourself down because you're not going to believe this one when you read it!

You see, B, and his friends at school are going to go on a camping trip.  Before I could even ask when this trip was to occur B told me that the trip would take place when they are 16 and it would last for 30 days. 

30 days?!  The kid hasn't even been camping for 1 day, how is he going to make it for 30 days?  Well with the supplies he would like to receive from this magazine, of course!

He selected this particular knife because it has holes for your fingers.  That way you can hold onto the knife better in case a bear tries to wrestle you. 

I totally see the logic in this one, don't you?  I mean every time I hear about a camping trip the poor campers express their frustration about the bears trying to wrestle the knives away from them.  If they had only had a knife with a better grip . . .

He has circled not 1 but, 2 hats for very good reasons.  The 'cowboy' hat is needed to protect him from the sun while, the 'pointy helmet' is needed to protect him from the bears. 

My goodness those darn bears are causing trouble again!

Next, we have a knife that has a girl on it.  In case you can't tell she's a very pretty girl wearing very little with large . . . well you know!  This was circled for his friend who is a girl (She's going on the trip with them.), not to be confused with a girlfriend (Please I can't handle that with a 6 year old!).  Anyway the knife must be for girls, because no boy would want a knife with a girl on it! 

Yes, honey that's it exactly, a knife with a girl on it is for a girl.  Please keep thinking that way, for quite awhile at least.

And the money is circled because they will need money to purchase things. 

Oh my goodness here's where I have gone wrong all of these years.  I have been working to earn money, when I could have just ordered it from a magazine . . . well I'd like to order a lifetime supply, please!

I saved my favorite one for last.  The leg knife.  Now this isn't circled because he wanted it.  It's circled because he wanted to know why on Earth someone would want or need a knife shaped like a leg. 

Ya know B, I have know idea, isn't that just silly?!

So there you have it . . . the free magazine that was mysteriously delivered to our house that has provided hours, yes seriously hours, of entertainment for B as well as Brent and myself!

On a serious note, is this normal?  Should I be worried about my 6 year old looking through this magazine so often and so meticulously?


  1. OMG, this is hilarious! I don't think you have anything to worry about...sounds like he's just being a boy! And his logic is fantastic. At least he's worried about bears (and not hurting humans) and even showed his soft spot for his "girl that's a friend." Too funny. At least the mag kept him out of trouble and having fun :)

    1. Yes, I think for the most part it is simply 'boy' stuff . . . something I learn a little more about each day! I'm so glad to finally have one on team pink! Although, I wouldn't trade my boys for anything :)

  2. Yeah, this IS kind of hilarious, and I wouldn't worry. I was going to say something like, "I obsessed over books and magazines and catalogs like this when I was a kid and look how I turned out!"

    And then realized that that might not actually be comforting.

    1. Ha! Ha! Thanks! You seem to have turned out just fine :)

  3. Totally normal! At least in our house. My 3 year old does that! LOL. We are a hunting family though;)

    1. I'm glad to know that my kid isn't the only one :)