Mar 12, 2012

4 Years Ago . . .

This is from his 3rd Birthday Party

Today is G’s birthday.  In light of this special day I’m going to share his birth story with you.

It was 3:00 AM on March 12, 2008 and my water broke.  My worst fear had come true, I went into labor and my husband, Brent, was at work.  At the time he worked the 12-4 shift at FedEx along with his 8-5 day job (No, that’s not a typo those are the correct times.  He got very little sleep!).

I immediately reached for the phone and called him.  He didn’t answer . . . GREAT!  Now what am I supposed to do?  I tried to stay calm, but my mind was racing. 

Next, I called my friend.  We had already arranged for her to watch B when the baby came.  When we had the discussion I didn’t think I would have to call her at 3:00 AM.  I felt so badly for calling and waking her up. 

Without hesitation she came to get B and offered to take me to the hospital.  In between the time that she and I spoke and when she arrived at the our house I was able to talk with Brent and he was on his way home.

Brent and I drove to the hospital.  They checked us in and there I sat . . . waiting.  When I had B my water broke at 7:00 and he was born at 11:21.  By the time I got to the hospital I was dilated to 7 centimeters.  Seeing as how this was my second baby I thought things would go more quickly . . . I was WRONG!

A few interesting events occurred while we waited for G to make his appearance.  First of all, we had the pleasure of meeting the Attending doctor from the hospital.    I’m not really comfortable with male doctors when it comes to this birthing stuff, so he made me SUPER nervous!  He came in asked a few general questions and appeared to be writing my statements down.  He came across one question that he didn’t or maybe couldn’t ask aloud.  He pointed to the question and said “Have you ever had this?”  While he was doing this he gave Brent an odd stare.   After answering the remainder of the questions he tried a little small talk by asking who Brent was.  I explained that he was my husband.  After he left Brent could hardly wait to ask what the question was.  I told him it asked if I had ever had Herpes.  Brent found this to be the highlight of the day and still laughs hysterically about it when reminiscing!

It is standard procedure to get an IV in the early stages of labor.  The first time I ever had an IV was when I had B.  At that time I was extremely nervous about getting the IV.  This time I knew what to expect so I was more relaxed about the situation.  The nurse who was giving me the IV was new.  She tried 3 times and was unsuccessful.  Another nurse had to do the IV.  I was left with several bruises on my arm and it was pretty sore.

G was not actually due until April 3.  Earlier in the week I had the Group B Strep test (This test indicates weather the mother is a carrier of bacteria that can be passed to the baby and cause an infection during birth) done, but the results had not come back yet.  To be cautious the nurses put me on an antibiotic drip through my IV.  The antibiotic combined with the contractions caused me to need to use the restroom FREQUENTLY!  Because I was hooked up to several wires I needed Brent to assist me in the process . . . this was just lovely!

The next obstacle I came across was my raising blood pressure.  I have never in my life had an issue with my blood pressure, why did it have to start now?!   I was instructed to lie on my left side to help keep the pressure down.  After about 45 minutes of this my shoulder and hip began to ache from the thin mattress that I was on.

Finally, around 8:45 the nurses told me my water had been broken for too long and that they needed to try Pitocin.  They had offered to use it earlier; however, I had asked to wait.  I went so quickly with my first child and I had heard terrible stories about how intense it made the contractions.  Knowing what I know now, I would have allowed them to use it the first time they offered.  It isn’t bad.

About 45 minutes after being on the Pitocin I told a nurse that I felt like I needed to push.   She agreed that it was time and informed me that the doctor was on her way, but if she didn’t get there in time the Attending (You know the weird, uncomfortable, MAN from earlier) was waiting in the hall.  As much as I wanted to hold my baby, I didn’t want that guy all up in my business.  Shortly after the nurse shared this information with me I said, “I’m not trying to be rude, but I go to an all FEMALE practice for a reason.  I am not comfortable with a male delivering my baby.”  I vividly remember praying “Please let my doctor get here quickly!”  My doctor walked in the door and G was beginning to crown . . . my prayers were answered, my doctor made it!

A few short moments later I was holding my beautiful baby boy.  He weighed 5 pounds 15 ½ ounces and was 21 ½ inches long.  He had 10 fingers, 10 toes, and light colored hair.  Still to this day I can remember how tiny he was; considering he was born at 35 weeks he was actually a pretty good size.

He is such an amazing little boy.  G has taught us that laughter is the best medicine.  He has such a happy go lucky personality.  Each day I am thankful to have been chosen to be this little boy’s Mommy.

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