Apr 10, 2012

Spring Break Review

I managed to survive the first day back from Spring Break.  I have to be honest though, images from the time with my family were re-playing in my head and helped me through the day.

Here are some of the fun activities we did:

We went to baseball practice.  Read more details about what happened He got a Hit and I Missed it.

The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed playing outside with chalk!  B made this picture of the two of us.  He defiantly captured my good side.  Isn't it beautiful?!

We took a trip to the beach.

We even went to the moon.

Some eggs were colored.

I made a cake for a friend's birthday party.  Brent and I got to attend a a party without children.  Yay for adult time!

Eggs were hunted.

Finally, we celebrated Easter.

We didn't go anywhere fancy for spring break, but we did have a lot of fun!


  1. Your "egg hunt" pictures are very cute! My boys were, well, pretty rowdy at their egg hunt. Not quite as cute!

  2. Thank you! Don't be fooled . . . they are VERY rowdy! We just happened to take a picture a the right split second :) I hope you enjoyed your Easter.

  3. Oh my kids are in love with sidewalk chalk!

  4. Isn't it great?! I mean inexpensive and provides hours of endless possibilities!

  5. That pic of your little bow-tied boys with their sister - adorable!

    1. Thank you so much! I made hair bows for my daughter and the boys wanted me to make something for them too. I didn't want them to be left out so I made bow ties :)