Jun 4, 2012

Summer Activities

Alright, so I’ve been thinking.

When I say that to Brent I usually get an eye roll.  And in his defense when I do say it to him it typically means I’ve come up with some kind of a project that will take a while.
Ok back to the topic at hand, I’ve been thinking . . .

I’m not the only mom in the world who is home with her kids over the summer.  I personally have been trying to think of fun ideas or activities to do with my children while we are all home together.

For the most part, I’ve been trying to find things to do that cost little to nothing. 

I also like the idea of trying to use things we already have at home or using our imaginations to ‘go places’ without physically traveling.

When we were home for spring break we traveled to the beach and to the moon.

I guess in a long drawn out way, the point that I'm trying to make is, I am going to create a list of summer activities that I want to accomplish with my children this summer.

Some of these activities we have already done and some are things that I would like to do. 

I will list the activities in this post and as we accomplish them I’ll create a link back to the list.  I would love for my readers to share any ideas that they have tried or would like to try.

Summer Activity List:

3.  Ride bikes

4.  Draw with sidewalk chalk

6.  Go to the zoo

8.  Eat lunch outside

9.  Go to the pool

13.  Put on a puppet show

14.  Complete summer practice packet (B)

15.  Complete summer journal (B)

16.  Work on 1st and 2nd grade sight words (B)

17.  Work on handwriting (G)

18.  Work on preschool sight words (G)

20.  Play with water balloons

21.  Play with squirt guns

22.  Make a fort/tent

23.  Go to a park

26.  Play ball outside

28.  Play on the swing set

29.  Eat popsicles /ice cream outside


  1. Love it! My girlfriend and I worked last week on a master calendar so that we have one major outing a week to do with our respective children and then some smaller stuff to fill in the gaps. I will probably post it on my blog for anyone looking for tips! :)
    I think having a good plan in place is always really helpful!

    1. A master calendar?! How fancy :) I love organization. Great idea to have a weekly outting!

      I have to be honest this is my 2nd summer of strictly being home. 2 summers ago I was completing my Master's and was in classes most of the summer and before that I worked at a summer camp 3 days a week. Last summer I was pregnant, so this summer I have much more energy :)

  2. It's been a while since my kids were little, but I think I still remember some things.

    It helped me to have regularly recurring things. We went to the library every Friday (my kids love to read). We had a play group at the park every Wednesday. We went swimming (summer passes) every Monday. Knowing we had those things scheduled helped everything else have structure.

    Lots of crafts. Lots of cards and board games. And frequent picincs in the living room on a big quilt. We also had a regular movie night: pillows and blankets spread out on the living room floor, popcorn, maybe a friend over, and the whole family watching a movie together. Hm, that might still work. Think I'll have to try that later this week with my teens.

    Good luck this summer.

    1. I love structure . . . a little too much if you ask my dear hubby :)

      Love your idea about a movie night my kids would love that!!!!

      I'm sure keeping teens 'busy' and interested is a bit of a challenge!

  3. I love your list! Dancing and bottle painting needed to be added to my list.

    1. Thank you! I'd love to hear your ideas as well :)

  4. Love the list! I have been thinking of doing something like this too, even if it would be to just keep us on a routine/schedule.

    1. Thanks! When you come up with one, let me know what you have on it :)

  5. That sounds like fun. I'd like to do some of these (but obviously can't do all of them) with my 9 month old.

    1. Thanks!
      9 month old . . . September baby? My oldest was 9 months old his first summer and he was born in September. I remember being so excited to do all of the fun kid things with him and I couldn't wait for him to get out of the baby stage. Looking back I wish I would have taken more time to enjoy the 'baby stuff' with him. It's like I blinked my eyes and he's 6! Have fun with your little one and enjoy him/her.

  6. looks like your are going to have a busy two weeks to try and get the rest of this list finished...

    1. Yeah, yeah . . . it's going to be even more difficult because off the water ban. We have already done most of the things, I just haven't posted about them.