Jul 6, 2012

Our visit to The Children's Museum

Since it has been so incredibly hot lately I thought a trip to The Children's Museum {this also happens to be # 7 on our summer activity list, too} would not only engage my kiddos, but keep us all cool and not so damn crabby happy.

The Children's Museum {Here's a link if you'd like more info.} is like one of our favorite places to visit, next to Disney World that is. Nothing can top Disney World. So, since we don't live in Florida and we do live within 30 minuets of the museum, off to the museum we went.

In all honesty it is a super nice museum. There are activities and attractions for children of all ages and abilities. The activities are hands on and very interactive. We have a yearly pass. It totally pays for its self in 2 visits. There are 4 floors so it is difficult or nearly impossible to get through everything in 1 day. Not to mention, our kids wouldn't last through the entire museum.

Oh and my favorite part . . . it is SUPER CLEAN! I mean it is a museum for children and it is hands on so as you can imagine, things tend to get goobered up, because let's face it, no matter how hard we try, those darn kids just goober things up! Despite the number of children who come in contact with each area of the museum, it is clean and well taken care of.

This time we decided to begin on the 4th floor and work our way down. We went to the Science works area first.

G is in the water area here. He is trying to build a dam to stop the water so it will not flood the housing development downstream.

Next, we moved onto the Healthy House.  There are several activities within the house that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.  In the kitchen G learned how to make a healthy snack with an interactive touch screen computer.

B pushed a light in the bathroom and all of the germs were illuminated. Of course my boys were very entertained by the fact that there were even germs on the potty! I loved it when they told me I was right about the germs on the potty! {Yay! They did listen, for once.}  When he let go of the button the germs disappeared.

After the healthy house we were off to the construction area.  B and G enjoyed using larger diggers to scoop up piles of mulch.

They also loved the bulldozer that they were able to drive. Look out because this thing really moves!

After leaving the Science Works area we headed over to ride the carousel. With a membership you can ride for free. I think it costs .50 for everyone else.

Behind the carousel are several other areas for the kids to play in.

G especially enjoyed serving ice cream in the ice cream shop.

He also had fun watching these balls roll and drop.

From this area we moved onto the Playscape.  In the Playscape kids can play in several different areas that encourage imagination.  These areas include: sand, water, building blocks, dress up, house, and magnetic items. 

There is even a special place for babies to move around in.  Baby M loved playing with these blocks and looking in the mirrors.

After eating some lunch in the cafeteria {We packed our lunch, but there are restaurants inside the museum that you can eat at}.  We went to the Dinosphere.  Again, there are many different activity options in the Dinosphere.  The boys began with the digging area.

We ended our trip in the dinosaur dress up area.  B and G are trying to protect their eggs from the other dinosaurs!

How have you and your family been trying to keep cool?


  1. That is without a doubt the nicest, coolest children's museum I have ever seen! Love it! :)

  2. It is lots of fun! They have some exhibits that change
    so there's always new. There is a new Hot Wheels exhibit that opened recently. It was super crowded in there yesterday so my pictures of that area weren't blog worthy!

  3. Going to a children's museum is always fun- and educational too, of course :). I prefer taking my daughter to places like that instead of the mall.

    1. A museum tends to hold my kids' attention better than the mall.
      However, I prefer going to the mall myself :) When I do take them I tell them that if they behave they can play in the Play Place when I'm done shopping. I'm such a terrible parent!