May 30, 2012

Vaca Fun: Day #2

Summer Vacation officially began for us yesterday.

So far we're still keeping things interesting  . . . let's face it we've only been at this 2 freakin' days people!

We headed to the library.  While we were there we were able to catch the 'story time', we signed up for the summer reading program, and checked out some books to bring home. 

The libraries around town offer a summer reading program which basically is put together to encourage reading over the summer.  Kids check out books and get points for reading or listening to books.  The points can be turned in for prizes.  Oh and a bonus . . . it's free!

Waiting for Mommy to make lunch

It was close to lunch time when we got home.  It was such a beautiful sunny day so I asked B and G if they would like to have a picnic in the front yard.  They thought this was a cool idea!

Lunch outside is good stuff!

After eating lunch we read/listened to a few books.

We also enjoyed the nature around us.

G noticed a butterfly on a dandelion.

He's walking over to the dandelion quietly so he doesn't scare the butterfly away.

Bending over to pick it.

"Look Mommy!  I brought you a DAM lion!  The butterfly left though."

Baby M thinks he's hilarious.

Our evening ended with B's baseball game.


  1. You are so organized! I am kind of dreading summer vacation--over here the kids get Wednesdays off from school, and yesterday they basically alternated between fighting and being bored for ten hours straight.

    1. Thank you! We have been having fun, but it's only been 2 days. I didn't include the part of the day where I was upstairs feeding Baby M and B and G were arguing over G biting B's toe and if if was an accident or not . . . thought that would make the post too long and it's hard to take pictures of it while I'm feeding a baby :)

      Every Wednesday off? Sounds interesting . . . I think I might like that :) Our kids leave school an hour early each Monday so teachers can have professional development which really means more meetings and more paper work and more things added to our already overloaded plates!

  2. Looks like fun! Our library has free reading groups too, but not for prizes. I like that idea!

    1. It is fun! I love that local businesses donate items or coupons for the prizes. The librarians also visit schools the last week of school to promote the program. I didn't have to pump my kids up for it this year because they had already heard of it . . . I loved that part of it!

  3. Ha ha ha, "a dam lion" so cute! What a beautiful family you have Erin. Your baby girl in that last pic is so cute! Hope you have a wonderful summer enjoying your kiddos. Mine still have 3 more weeks, so I'm a lil jealous of you ;) right now. I love summer.

    1. I love how he says 'dam lion'. I hate that I have to help him to say it correctly . . . I would hate for it to be said around the wrong person and get him in trouble . . .

      Thanks, I sure do love these babies :) Baby M sure was lovin' outside.

      3 more weeks?! Wow that's a fast summer. When did their summer begin? It always seems as if summer goes by too quickly for me. Our summer is going to be shortened this year. Our school will begin a Balanced Calendar schedule next year. Basically we go to school a week longer and it gets out a week longer, but we get 2 weeks at Fall, Christmas, and Spring Break. So far I think I'm going to like it other than losing summer time . . . we'll see how it goes