Jun 28, 2012

Public Service Announcement: 4 year old with digital camera = DANGER!

So here you finally have the post I planned that got postponed on Tuesday.

As he is walking downstairs I hear G excitedly say:

"Mommy! You. have. GOT. to. see. this!"

He continues walking into the kitchen, where I am, while saying this. He is also rather dramatic {as usual} and at the end of each word the palms of his hands are facing away from his body as if he were ordering someone to STOP!

In his hands he has his digital camera. He received it as a gift for Christmas. He thrusts the camera toward me. His laughter causes his arms to wiggle, making it difficult for me to focus on the image he finds to be so amusing.

After trying for a few moments I was unable to focus on the wiggling image, so finally I held the camera in my own hands. It's at this moment that I too burst into laughter







Isn't he a beautiful Princess?!

So after seeing this I became worried about other possible images that may have been captured. To say the least I was not disappointed. G's pictures continued to maintain my laughter!

Poor Brent must have really done something to get on G's bad side!

Here we have some of G's favorite buddies arranged neatly.

Didn't Pooh Bear pose so nicely for this one?

I'll leave you with my personal favorite.

At least he knows who the real Princess is in this house!

I also came across this gem as well.

That's my little performer himself!

I would like to conclued this with a warning: 
You never know what may be documented.


  1. I love that you got the princess crown.

  2. Sooo funny! Let him play - it's entertaining for us all! The video at the end has to be my personal favorite ;)

    1. I know it is so funny! We couldn't help but laugh.
      As for the video he does this all of the time --Same song, same dance. Oh and at the top of his lungs. We can hear him no matter where he is. The only problem is his set up, most of the time he doesn't put the camera where his image can be captured.

  3. That is too funny! And of course you had the princess crown!

    1. I found it to be rather fitting :) Before Baby M was born G used to say: "Mommy is the princess because she's the only girl." Now we’re both the princesses. Whenever he saw a crown he tells everyone that it was Mommy's hat, which can be a bit embarrassing at times!

  4. Well, my 8-year-old just broke mine, so I was the mom at Disney with the old school disposables... need to see about getting those developed!

    1. B and G's preschool teacher asked for disposable cameras so the kids could take pictures in class throughout the year (very cool idea). We have gotten them developed at Wal Mart. Of course we get looks like; um seriously you're using one of these old things?!

  5. How cute! My 3 year old got ahold of my small digital camera the other day and I found a bunch of pictures of the ceiling and of her stuffed animals.

    1. He had so many pictures of his stuffed animals. Isn't it funny to see what they take pictures of?

      He also had random wall and ceiling pictures and of course a lot of blurry ones because the kid can't stand still to save his life, let alone to take a picture!