Feb 29, 2012

Kids' Bedrooms

As I organized my kids’ rooms I tried to keep things simple. This way they will be able to easily understand the organizational method and put things away where they belong (I’m not holding my breath on this one, but hey a girl can hope, right?).

In B’s room the biggest challenge is his toy shelf. It’s tall therefore, difficult for him to reach some of the spots. I put games and puzzles on the top self because these are items that are usually played with an adult who is able to reach the shelf. I was also thinking they would be less likely to be knocked over and loosing pieces would be avoided.

I put labels so he would know where items belong. He’s in Kindergarten, he can read them.

The problem with his reading area was that books were all over the place, despite the fact that he had a book shelf. He would take a book out and just shove it anywhere, causing there to be a lot of books on one shelf and a few books on another shelf.

I put all of his holiday books on one shelf. Small books were put on the middle and all other books on the bottom.

Now onto G’s room. Organizing his room was a little more of a challenge because, well, he’s 3 and doesn’t pay attention to detail as well as B does. My point is I had to really pull out my creative thinking for this kid’s room!

Rather than using labels with words in his room I used pictures. He is a very visual kind of kiddo. So far he has really been into the picture labels on his toy boxes. He’s done a great job of putting things where they belong. I love to listen to him cleaning up. He will say “Let’s look at the outside of the box so we know where things go!”

I also used picture labels in his drawers. You’re probably thinking I’m crazy because my kids put their own laundry away, but hey I figure they have to learn sometime, right?

His former reading area was rather spread out. I moved his chair and his book shelf to another area so they would be closer together. G thinks it’s cool behind his door. He calls it his reading hiding spot!

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