Feb 15, 2012

Bathroom Organizing

                             My master bathroom is connected to my closet. So naturally, after the closet organization was completed I moved onto organizing the master bathroom. Although I did more 'tidying' and de-cluttering as opposed to actual organization here.

The bathroom has double sinks. My husband claims one side, while I claim the other. This is a picture of his side. I used baskets, I love to use baskets. It's so much easier to keep things 'contained' with them. I also think things look much neater in baskets and miss placing items is avoided. His personal care items were already in a basket. Items he no longer used were thrown away. I wiped the basket out and added a label. 2 new baskets were added for items that were formerly just 'sitting' under the sink. These were baskets for the toilet paper and the dog bath items. I finished his side by adding labels to the baskets. Everything has it's own special spot now!

On my side of the cabinet I took a similar approach. I threw away un-wanted/needed items, wiped down my baskets, and added labels. I added a basket labeled 'Shared items'. I'm sure you'll notice it's the basket that doesn't match :( I love for things to be uniform and matching, but I couldn't find the white baskets for a price I was willing to pay. So I went with second best. The items in this basket just sat under the sink before.

Next, I moved onto the bathroom closet. This closet is a little tricky because it is VERY narrow and it is directly behind the door that leads to the bathroom. I often find myself shutting the bathroom door and locking it (so my kids don't pop in) before attempting to enter the closet. In the closet I began with straightening the towels and sheets. Next, I moved onto TRASHING things! I was so surprised with the amount of 'stuff' we had aquired and just shoved in this closet. It was no wonder that we had trouble finding items we needed. When I got to the basket that we keep the sun screen in I was so thankful that items were in the baskets. A bottle of lotion had opened (I'm still not sure how this happened) and the entire bottom of the basket as COVERED with lotion. It was a bit of a mess to clean up, but it could have been much worse. Can you imagine cleaning up lotion that leaked through those wire shelves? Not to mention trying to clean up the lotion that had leaked onto other items in the closet.
As I took items out of the closet I tried to sort them into piles. I did this so I could put like items into baskets together and determine which size basket to put the items into. I finished by adding labels to the baskets and the wire shelves.

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