Feb 8, 2012

DIY Fabric Refresher

I found another money saving idea that I could not wait to try! I made myself wait to try it until I used all of my Fabreze. This way I had an empty bottle to refill. Not only is this Fabric Refresher super EASY to make, it really works. I was able to easily make it with items I already had at home.

What to use:

2 Table Spoons of Baking Soda
1/8 of a Cup of Fabric Softener

A Spray Bottle
Hot Water

The Process:

Mix baking soda and fabric softener together. I mixed these together in a measuring cup because it had a spout to pour with. I also added some water to the mixture and stirred it with a spoon. Be sure to use hot water so the baking soda can be dissolved. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Fill the rest of the spray bottle with hot water. Gently shake everything together and begin spraying to your heart’s content! I gently shake the bottle before each use so that everything is mixed together. I am looking forward to making this again after I have made my own fabric softener. I’m just waiting until my current fabric softener container is empty to try it! When I do I’ll post my review!

4/3/12 Update:

1/8 of a cup of fabric softener in a 27 oz. bottle seems to be a little much. I have found that hard surface items around the area that I spray, such as lamps, tables, etc. have a film appearing on them. The film does wipe off, but this gives me one more thing to do (not acceptable!). I decided to cut the amount of fabric softener to 1/16 of a cup and the amount of baking soda to 1 Table spoon.


  1. That looks like it really works. I will try that. I always like using the most natural products that I can.

  2. have you ever used your diy fabric softener instead of Downy? Just curious how that'd work!