Feb 25, 2012

Jewelery Organizing

Jewelry Organizing

I used to keep my jewelry in this pretty little thing. It sat on top of my vanity, where I sit to get ready in the morning.

I was having 2 problems with it.
1) I couldn't easily find my jewelry (Let's face it, I don't have time for that in the morning!)
2) It was one more thing to dust (Again, something I don't have time for!)

I found this at Meijer in the scrapbooking section.
There are small compartments to fit different pairs of earrings in. I am able to quickly and easily locate just want I am looking for. On the front there are 2 sliding locks so that the lid doesn't just flip open. My jewelery is safe in side!

I have a total of 4 boxes. They fit in a drawer in my vanity.Now my dusting has been simplified! What more could I ask for?I’m a happy girl J

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