Feb 22, 2012

Master Bedroom Organizing

Master Bedroom
In preparation for our new addition we needed to make our guest bedroom a nursery. This meant we needed to combine our guest bedroom with the playroom. The room was big enough, we just needed to rearrange things, get rid of items that the kids didn’t play with or out grew, and organize.

Part of this ‘clean up’ included moving a few items to new spots. Between my husband and I, we had accumulated quite the collection of VHS movies. We didn’t want to get rid of them despite the fact that we only own 1 VCR that works accurately. The working VCR is housed in our bedroom.

We thought it made the most sense to move the VHS movies from the play room to our room. We purchased bins that matched our room from Meijer to store them in on a shelf that was already in the room.

I really liked the way the binslooked on the bottom shelf so I purchased 2 more bins to put books and CDs in.  

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