Mar 1, 2012

Coupon Adventures - Week 7

So I have a small confession that I feel compelled to share (get off of my chest and make myself feel better is more accurate) . . .

I think I the reason I am excited to embark upon my weekly shopping trip is because . . . well because I treat myself to a Frappuccino from Starbucks! Wow there I said it, well typed it, Whew! I feel so much better now that I have that off of my chest.

Doesn't this just look delish?!

I do put a lot of work into trying to save money for our family so I am entitled to this itty bitty little treat once a week right?! Well that’s what I tell myself anyhow.

Also, as silly as this may sound I do actually enjoy my weekly shopping trips because it allows me to spend time with my daughter. Even though she is only 2 months old I like that it’s just the two of us. Sadly, this is the last week for our weekly shopping trip as we have known them to be. I return to work next week LI will continue my couponing, our typical Thursday shopping will change.
How am I going to leave this sweet little baby and return to work?

We went to Target first today because I didn’t need to get any cold items there and because they have a Starbucks inside. I headed to Starbucks once I got inside after ordering my drink I realized that my clutch (which contained my method of payment) had fallen out of the diaper bag and was still in my car!

The truth is as I was driving I reached behind the driver’s seat (where the diaper bag sits) and grabbed the clutch because I needed some chap stick. Apparently my aim wasn’t that great because I didn’t get the clutch back in the bag.
Matching bag that I use as a
diaper bag. Super cute,right?

Clutch, that fits in matching bag.
Now the need for a purse is

Totally embarrassed! I explained my predicament to the lovely Barista. She was extremely understanding. I hustled out to my car, retrieved my clutch and high tailed it back to find my drink awaiting me!

On a lighter note I would like to give a shout out to the nice lady who stopped to admire Baby M. During our little chitchat she managed to tell me that I looked too young to have 3 children! Gotta be honest here, this was the HIGHLIGHT of my day. THANK YOU!!!

CVS Savings: $ 11.83
Marsh Savings: $ 2.33

Meijer Savings: $ 36.40
Target Savings: $ 15.45
Walgreen Savings: $5.00
KMart Savings: $10.35

Total Saving (all 6 stores): $81.36 Total Spent (all 6 stores): $129.78

What I learned:
1. Remember to take everything that belongs inside of you diaper bag in with you!
2. If you bring reusable bags with you to Target they give you a .05 credit for each bag.

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