Jul 3, 2012

Catching Up

Last week (Tuesday - Friday) I had to attend workshops to learn new techniques for a learning program that we will be implementing during the upcoming school year. This would explain my lack of involvement in the bloggy world.

Over the course of the week a few glaring realities reared their ugly heads.

1. Thankgoodness for Starbucks

I decided that if I have to get up before 9ish, I deserve a treat. It's amazing how quickly I have forgotten about getting up early.

During the school year I get up at 4:30. I have to be to school by 7:35 and I need time to feed Baby M before going to school.

2. Summer has ended

School begins for the kids on August 1. For me, however, it may as well have already begun. I have to prepare my room and paperwork for my incoming class. We do have a teacher work day the day before school begins, but that is usually consumed with preparing schedules and collaborating with my team mates.

3. A Smart phone is a necessity during any meeting

Phones can be used for a variety of reasons. These reasons range from searching for new terms to setting appointment times. They are also great to communicate with colleagues across the room {This way you can read what someone thinks about an outfit or pair of shoes rather than miss what's being said because your listening to said opinion}.

4. Going out to lunch is a luxury

Sitting at a table and have a conversation that is not interrupted is flat out AMAZING! It was also so nice to be able to do this with my co-workers. Don't even get me started on having someone to bring me the food and to pick up after . . . me. Oh wow that was cool! And the tip of the iceberg = eating without needing to re-heat my meal! We're talking big time here people!

We have 30 minutes for lunch. In reality by the time we get the kids to the cafeteria, tie a shoe or two, wipe a few tears, pass out a hug here and there, settle a dispute, and finally use the restroom {ourselves that is} we truly have about 15-20 minutes to inhale our meal before needing to pick the darlings up again.

5. I miss my kids

While many of the above items are nice, I have to be honest, I LOVE being home with my kids.  Nothing can replace knowing each aspect of their day, no matter how big or small it is.  If I were able to be with them all of the time I would do it in a heartbeat! Yes, being home with them for the summer {which for me is really like 6 weeks} is nice. I'm not completely home with them though.  Nothing drives me nuts more than someone saying, "Oh you're a teacher. How lucky you are to have the summers off." Yes, I do value the time I am able to spend with my children. I feel as if this is making up for the time that they have missed out on being with their mother.  During the school year it is necessary for me to devote so much time to school. They miss out on just being with me.


  1. I hear you on the lunch thing. I used to laugh whenever my district bragged that we could leave campus for lunch as a job perk. Yep lot of time to get lunch in the 30 minutes we get off. And that is IF you get your kids to lunch on time.

    1. You totally get what I'm saying! Some people do leave for lunch. For me it's too much of a rush to get back! 2 years ago the PTA and our principal covered lunch and recess duties (you have to have a licensed teacher on recess duty here so that's why our principal stepped in) one day during teacher appreciation week. It was the BEST gift ever! We got an entire hour for lunch!

  2. I work as a school librarian, and I do see where you're coming from. It's busy for you this time of year, even before school actually starts. Hang in there :)

    1. I remember you mentioning previously that you are a librarian. I know you understand what I'm saying here :) Thanks!

      PS I hope this post didn't come across as me 'griping'. I really didn't mean for it to. These are just random thoughts that went through my head during my meetings :) Sometimes I don’t think people who aren’t in the trenches understand the timeframe that must be followed during the school day, if ya know what I’m saying. Thanks for reading!

  3. #3 is too funny! #4 sounds wonderful! Glad you got a break from the kiddos. :)

    1. As for #3 totally makes us look really immature, right? Hey sometimes you just need a break. I was truly listening and did learn a lot of things that I am super excited to implement this coming year! {Ok I feel better after explaining myself}

      Regarding #4 Thank.You! It is nice to get a way every so often :) But I do miss 'em like crazy!