Mar 3, 2012


Staying home with an infant has its ups and downs and working does as well.  However, I have come across a few similarities between a Stay at Home Mommy and a 1st Grade Teacher.  I’m trying to prepare myself mentally for the changes I will be experiencing next week.  I have made a list of the transitions that I am expecting to experience next week.

I’m trading in:

1.  Rocking and Cuddling for

                Just because hugs

2.  Cooing and smiling for

                Excitement and laughter as they enter the door in the morning

3. Eating lunch one handed while nursing my daughter for

                Eating lunch while pumping and checking my email

4.  Checking Facebook frequently for

                Actual Adults to talk with!

5.  Fussing over difficult tummy time for

                Frustration over new academic skills that are challenging

6.  Changing diapers for

               5,000 restroom breaks (Not really 5,000, but some days it 
               feels like it.  On positive these kids take care of their own
               potty needs, I just have to monitor the hall for behavior!)               

7.  Naps for

                Oh man there is no trade in here, I’m in BIG trouble!     

8.  Fussing for


9.  Being on Baby M’s schedule for

                Being on the school schedule

10.  Sweat pants and tennis shoes for

                Dress pants/tights and not so comfy shoes

What do you like and dislike about your place of employment?

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