Mar 7, 2012

The Coat Closet

On the top shelf of the closet I have containers for gloves, hats, and scarves. The outside of the containers have labels on them.

The rack where coats are hung has dividers attached to it. I hung all of Brent’s coats in one section, my coats are in a second section, and the third section holds extra hangers.

There is a set of hooks on the lower inside of the wall (They were like this when we moved in, great idea!). It’s just perfect for the kids to reach and hang their coats and “On the Go Bags”(see Mommy Things tab).

On the floor I keep my bag for work. It’s easy to grab on my way out the door and out of the way!

There are 3 hooks on the inside of the door. B and G hang their backpacks on 2 of the hooks. We hang the diaper bag on the 3rd hook.

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