May 29, 2012

Summer Vaca: Day #1

Today was our first official day of Summer Vacation.

My goal for the summer is to have fun with my kids, to practice skills to prevent summer loss, and maintain our home in hopes that our weekends can be spent enjoying time together rather than working.

After feeding Baby M I, set out to do some dusting, window cleaning, and  fabric refreshing.

Sometimes I don't even know why I bother cleaning the mirror in this bathroom.  It seems like 2 seconds after I do it, along come B and G and their finger prints!

Along the way I came across some picking up that needed to be done.

Since Baby M isn't old enough to put her books away and hang her laundry up I helped.

Baby M and I read books after this project was completed.

All of us spent a lot of time outside and in the water over the weekend, so of course this mess was to be expected in the bathroom.

Now when I arrived in G's room I was well . . . a bit surprised with the condition I found it in.

Let's just say that he was a little less than enthusiastic about my request to put things where they belong.  He did a great job of putting things back in their places!

B worked on a page from his summer packet while G cleaned up.

After eating breakfast B and G made puppets.

G and I practiced some preschool sight words and he read a book to me.

B practiced some sight words and read a book to Baby M.

We ate lunch and everyone, but Mommy took a nap.

I'd say we accomplished quite a bit on our first day of Summer Vacation!


  1. Happy Summer! Isn't it nice to have a feeling of accomplishment? I always feel that way when I tidy up our playroom. Of course it only lasts for 30 minutes! Then it is a total disaster again!
    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day.

    1. Yes, it is nice even if it only lasts for a few moments! Some is better than none :)

      You're welcome! It's nice to meet you :)