May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed our 3 day weekend together.  I cannot forget just who made this all possible.

                       THANK YOU

to those who SERVE this great country of ours!

Without you my family and many other American families would not have the luxury to:

Go for walks on sun shiny days

Express creativity with chalk on the driveway

Learn how to ride bikes with two wheels

Play with water balloons

Pay children back for surprise water balloon attacks

Enjoy the sunshine

Get in on the family balloon action (don't let her fool ya, she's just as sneaky as the other two)

Experience nature

See the simple beauty around us

Sit on the front porch

Play a good game of Candy Land

And last, but not least, paint my toes hot pink if I want to!

Please know that all that you do and all that you sacrifice is not overlooked. 

We do appreciate and salute you! 



  1. The gratitude for their sacrifices cannot be put into words.

    Looks like you had a great weekend!