Jan 21, 2012

Special Activity Choices

Special Activity Choices

So often I feel as if I never have enough time to spend with my family. Throughout the week we are busy with work and school. It’s like a never ending cycle. Then finally, the weekend arrives. Our weekends are typically spent grocery shopping, cleaning, and doing laundry. A new week begins and the cycle repeats it’s self again.

I usually create a list of items that must beaccomplished. Anymore, I find that my mind is racing one hundred miles a minute. Just when I think of one task that must be accomplished I come up with 10 more items to add to the list. If I don’t write it down I become overwhelmed, forget, nothing is completed, and I am left feeling frustrated.

As I was creating my ‘To Do List’ one day out of the blue I left a space for my kids to make a choice. After writing down what MUST be accomplished I encouraged them to think of 1 special activity that they would like to do. This is how the daily ‘Special Activity’ came to be!

My kids love that they get to be in charge and choose at least one thing a day to do. Sometimes they choose an activity that involves our whole family such as playing a game. While other times they pick something to do individually, such as make a model car. When it gets near the end of the day if an activity hasn’t been completed they remind us that we need to do their Special Activity. It also helps to motivate them to complete their homework and finish dinner on time. Bottom line, my kids feel empowered and we are carving out family and individual time rather than just rushing through what HAS to be done.

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