Jan 16, 2012

My Beginning

 I decided to write this Blog for a few reasons.  First of all, being a Mommy is one of the best tasks I have EVER embarked upon.  I would like to share Mommy tips that have worked in our house as well as receive tips that have worked in other homes.  Let’s face it kids don’t come with instructions and we could all use a little help now and again.  No one could have ever put into words; the joy, challenge, and feeling of pure unconditional love that come with being a parent.  I never imagined how one little boy would completely capture my heart and wrap me around his finger.  Not to mention little boy #2 managing to accomplish the same task and now finally, my most recent over taker, my sweet little girl joining her brothers in the Mommy overtaking.  Sometimes I wonder if they realize how much power they actually have over my husband and I.  If they ever figure it out I fear that we, my husband and I, will be done for!  I feel so totally blessed to be embarking upon this journey with my wonderful husband. He is not only head over heels in love with our 3 absolutely delightful (Well today I would describe them as delightful, but that changes from time to time if you know what I mean.) children, but he is also totally smitten with their Momma (me) as well.  In our home parenting can be described as a tag team sport.  There are days when all is right with the world and noting could be more perfect.  Then there are days when I feel as if I’m ready to throw the towel in and at that very moment, my Prince Charming is right there to slap me a high five and take over while I recuperate!          
                With all of that sappy stuff being said (Does anyone need a Kleenex now?) on to my next reason for ‘attempting’ to Blog.  I really enjoy making and creating things, especially things for my children and family.  So often I feel as if my job consumes my life and my children and family are set aside so that I can put other children’s needs in front of theirs.  You see, I am a teacher by day and a Mommy and wife by night.  Basically; I eat, sleep, and breathe CHILDREN!  The purpose of this is not to complain or seek sympathy.  The purpose is simply to set a foundation for my choice to Blog.  I have tried to utilize my love of crafting to create unique birthday parties for my children.  I believe that a birthday is a very important day.  Not only is it obviously the day that someone was brought into the world, but it is a time to show someone that you care about them and share with them how special they are.  It is one single day out a year when I strive to make an individual feel their importance.  On my children’s birthdays I strive to set extra time aside for them in hopes of making them realize how important and special they are.   I thought to myself birthdays are something I am passionate about why not share ideas that my children have enjoyed?

                I have a few other topics in mind as well, but I think it’s best to start our simply and add more as I grow more comfortable with Blogging.

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