Aug 13, 2012

I'm Still Here


You may or may not be aware of the fact that I have gone back to work.

Also, you may or may not be aware of how chaotic the beginning of the school year is from the prospective of a teacher {Oh, heck for anyone for that matter.  It’s hectic for me as a parent as well!}.
So you are better able to understand the craziness, I will provide you with a brief example of my day:

I get up at 4:30.  I help to get all 3 kids ready and out the door.  I drop Baby M off at the baby sitter and take B to school with me {He's at my school this year}.  I put a smile on my face and greet 24 lovely kiddos {I really do have a great group this year!}.  I give the same direction 585 times.  I pack up my students and take them to the bus.  I attend meetings and fill out paper work.  Finally, I am able to prepare for upcoming lessons and activities {Of course this is done after contract time}.  B and I pick up Baby M and head home for the evening.  We eat dinner, do homework, take bathes and prepare for the next day.  After putting the kids to bed and working on more things for school I manage to crawl into bed around midnight.

As you can imagine I'm just flat. out. exhausted!

Sadly, this is why I have not been as involved in the bloggy world.  Things will begin to slow down soon and I will be able to participate more.

Like most people, I am living for the weekend more than ever.  This weekend, however, brought more excitement {if you can call it that} than I would have liked.

Let me explain.

When I got home on Friday night, as I was talking with G about his day, I noticed that his voice sounded rather raspy.

Part of me thought it was just a result of, beginning of the school year germs.  I also wondered if he may have had the beginning of croup.

Bright and early on Saturday morning he burst through our door and sounded terrible.

He sounded as if he was gasping for breath.  In between breaths he managed to squeeze out a cry.

His main complaint  . . . was that he couldn't talk.  Yes, that's correct.  He wasn't worried about the fact that it sounded as if he could barely breathe, he was upset about the fact that he had no voice.

Now, I need to explain {before you go judging me as a terrible parent and all}.  Last year he had croup and sounded just like this.  At the time I freaked out because he sounded like he couldn't breathe at all.  Brent took him to the doctor's office and we learned that he did have the croup and that it just sounds bad.  His oxygen intake was at 95%.  So due to prior experience I knew it wasn't as bad as it sounded {and in all honest a break from his nonstop talking was welcomed}.

I called our doctor to ask if it would be better to take G to the ER or to an immediate care clinic.  Rather than sending us to either he just called in a prescription {Um, THANK YOU!}

While Brent went to get meds I took G to the bathroom and turned on the shower.  The steam from the shower helps constrict the blood vessels making breathing easier.

At one point G said he felt as if he were going to throw up so he headed to the toilet.  I was completely grossed out at the sight of the disgusting toilet he was hanging his head over.

Naturally, what did I do?  Well, I cleaned it of course.  I mean what else do you at 6 AM on a Saturday when your kid is sick?!  I also proceeded to clean the rest of the bathroom and the upstairs while I was at it.

I went on to throwing in a load of laundry.

By the time Brent returned with the medicine G was asleep on the bathroom floor.


*Please notice he is wearing none other than the Santa Jammies!

The directions on the bottle said to give him the medicine with food.  We woke him up to give him a granola bar and the medicine.  After swallowing it, he looked at us and said, "Umm that tastes good!"
It was too funny not to laugh at him.

He then wanted to lay back down with me and since he wasn't feeling well what else could I do, but comply with his request. Not to mention the fact that I never pass up on a good cuddle time.

When we woke up he sounded MUCH better and acted like himself for the remainder of the weekend.

So tell me how have you been?


  1. Oh wow, I'm glad he's feeling better now!

    The beginning of the school year is always hectic. I'm dreading getting back into that routine!

    1. Thank you. I'm glad he's feeling better, too. He's so pitiful when he's sick. Apparently the told his teachers today that someone gave him that croup this weekend! LOL he's such a character.

      Yes, it is hectic. I like routine, but only when I get to make the routine . . . is that asking for too much?

  2. Wow. You do have a lot going on. Good luck with the beginning of the school year and I hope your kiddo doesn't get sick anymore.

    1. Yes, I do, but I'm not the only one.

      Thank you. So far it has started out on a good foot!

      I also hope he doesn't get sick anymore, but 4 year olds just love to touch everything and it seems as if what they do touch is COVERED in germs.

  3. Whew! The busy life of a teacher/mom/wife! You do it all and I commend you for it! Hope your little one stays feeling well.
    I'm doing well, thanks for asking :) Aside from feeling a little bit of an ear infection coming on, I'm trying to gather ideas for my daughter's first birthday party. We're going with the Harvest theme and going to have a pumpkin decorating area for the kids :) Should be fun! Hope your week is great!

    1. Aww thanks for the commending . . . totally not necessary!

      I am also glad G is feeling better. Things around here just aren't the same unless he's his 'non-stop' on the go self.

      Oh no, ear infections are terrible! Hope that clears up quickly!!!

      Birthday parties are so much fun. I would love to be a kid's birthday party planner. We started planning B's birthday {In September} over the weekend, too. He's going with a Phineas and Ferb theme this year. After having 4 Toy Story Parties, I'm just not sure if I can handle a new theme! Harvest and Pumpkins sounds like fun and a great post *hint* *hint*!

  4. Sick kids suck. Sick kid at the beginning of the school year is just plain mean. I remember the back to school crazyness very well. Good luck!

    1. You hit the nail on the head with both statements!

      Thank you. It's going to be a great year!

  5. Oh gosh your day sounds LONG. And I'm sorry G got sick - glad he's all better!

    1. Yes, very LONG. I have to be honest though, right the school day does seem to go by quickly. It's the meetings that seem to drag and that's also when my lack of sleep begins to set in.

  6. I may be hyperventilating because this will be my life in two weeks. I start back Friday, but my parents have taken the kids to the beach because they don't start until the 27th.

    1. Oh no! Please no hyperventilating! Sorry to just now be catching up :( I hope your year has gotten off to a great start. And I hope The Boy and The Girl are liking school as well. I've missed reading your blog. I am going to be catching up though!

  7. It's good G's better :). I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that he still loves those Santa pajamas.
    So the question remains... how do you do it? How do you still manage to have the strength to get up and go? You're amazing. I couldn't do half the things you do. It's crazy! Cool crazy :)

    1. Thank you for the well wishes for G! I know the Santa pjs . . . too funny, right?!

      How do I do it?! {thank you}, but please you do far more than I. You are a single parent. My hat is off to you. I have no idea how you manage being 2 parents, work, and doing your own thing. YOU are amazing!

      Me, I'm just nuts :) and hyped up on Coke {the drink that is} or a Frappuccino!

      Has your year started yet? How is it going?

  8. I have missed you!!! I knew this was why (the going back to work part) because I remember it all too well but I still missed you. So glad to hear that G is better. Sucks when they are sick.

    1. AWWW you are so sweet! It's nice to be missed, thank you!

      I knew you would understand all the 'mess' at this point in the year.

      Yes, it sucks to have a sick kiddo, but he's doing much better. Thanks :) He bounces back pretty quickly!

  9. school started for us today. I'm happy!!!

    1. Happy back to school for you and your family! I hope all is going well for you :)